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Join us on Hawaii Island
Next Open Retreats:
October 7-12, 2024
 North Hilo, Hawaii
limited to 8 women per retreat


  Join us this October 7-12, 2024 for the Wise Woman Spiritual Beekeeping Retreat on the beautiful enchanting  

Island of Hawaiʻi.  This 5 night, 6 day retreat will train womb-havers to become sisters of the hive, bee guardians and learn the sacred intuitive art of keeping bees using the most gentle practices. This retreat will integrate the understandings and practices of ancient Melissae tradition combined with intuitive beekeeping practices.  All levels of beekeeping are welcome.  

Note: January 2024 retreats are full. 

The initiation training is the first course of Melissea Series and is required to complete before attending other courses/trainings. 

Apiary work (Beekeeping) 

We will train sisters to work with bees to become beekeepers/guardians using Intuitive and Holistic practices.  We will spend time opening hives, understanding the colony and their needs.  We will work bee hives daily. All levels of beekeeping are welcome. This retreat and training is for beginning and experienced beekeeping sisters.



Temple Work and Devotion: 

We will spend time in the temple to develop a deeper intuitive nature through the practices of the Melissae and Wise Woman traditions.  There is an intricate weaving of ritual combined with tending and caring for bees that will enhance our connection and skill as beekeepers/guardians.  The ceremonial, ritual and devotional work will naturally activate our own healing, bringing forth more magic in our lives. Yoga, body work/massage and additional healing workshops will be offered by trained and specialized Instructors during this retreat.


There is no other retreat like this.  The Wise Woman Spiritual Beekeeping Retreat offers an integrated approach to train womb-havers, sisters to care for bees using intuitive beekeeping practices while cultivating our own intuitive nature to guide our own lives.  You will gain skills to care for bees, be fed amazing meals and relax deeply during this retreat. 

Shamanic Beekeeping Training in Hawaii

  Jenny has devoted her life to the sacred practices of keeping bees. Jenny has studied shamanic and ancient beekeeping in Europe and Africa and has cultivated her beekeeping training around using intuition, magic and ceremony.  


    Jenny will weave together the ancient wise woman practices, later known as witch, with present day beekeeping. She will initiate a training program during this retreat for womb-havers to develop deep knowing of intuition while working directly with live bee hives and using ceremonial practices related to the Melissae.

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yoga shala Colee Garr teachs at Wise Women Hawaii Retreats

She teaches Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga & Movement Fundamentals, Restorative Yoga and Pranayama (breath work).  All with focus on developing a tailored practice based on each student's needs and intention.  She gives individualized attention to alignment and challenging each student to grow and deepen their personal yoga practice through a series of asanas (yogic postures) and breathing practices.

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Alison Yahna Teaches Shamanic Beekeeping at Hawaii Retreat

Alison Yahna founded Artemis Smiles Honeybee Sanctuary after her spontaneous initiation into the ancient lineage of bee shamanism 1999. For more than twenty years she has been an oracle of their sacred wisdom teachings, and an advocate and practitioner of natural and regenerative beekeeping. She is celebrating the official status of The Mother Temple, a honeybee temple for this age that echoes the bee temples of antiquity.

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Paradise Nectar Apiaries teaches Intutive Beekeeping at Womens Retreat in Hawaii
Mary Isis leads vocal workshopds at Hawaii Retreats

A visionary songstress and sacred music producer, her songs are inspired by the innate wisdom and power of nature and consciousness and our responsibility to heal and be conscious co-creators of our lives. She is a ceremonialist of the healing ritual arts, a certified transformational recovery and integration coach and is skilled in various healing modalities. She derives so much joy in working with plants and facilitating transformative experiences.

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Heartbeet Catering at Beekeeping Training Retreat

     With a philosophy based on connection, unity, and consciousness; Jen has developed a strong apiary by establishing a relationship with bees based on intuition and observation.  Her morals and beliefs have been the foundation of her growth and success.  Jenʻs practices are based on hygienic management & biological needs, mixed with an understanding of energy & manifestation, to create a fun & peaceful experience with bees. 

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  HeartBeet Catering offers customized catering options with menus that utilize fresh, local, delicious ingredients. Our menus are built around island foods; including ‘ulu, kalo, and ‘uala, as well as the plentitude of tropical fruits, organic vegetables, grass-fed meats, organic poultry, and wild-caught local fish.

     Chef Jasmine strives to build Hawaii’s local food system by sourcing as often as possible from local farmers.


Our menu’s are all naturally gluten-free, without compromising great flavors and textures, and we will happily work around any food sensitivities or special requests.

Heading 1

Mary, CA

"If you are feeling the buzz, stop and listen to the call. 

I would highly recommend bee-ing part of Spiritual Beekeeping for women on your journey with the bees.

It is a rich combination of sisterhood, self-reflection and healing, bee integration and education, and time on the beautiful island of Hawaii.  

Truly a special experience to deepen your path of tending and caring for the bees." 

January 2023 Retreat 

Madalyn Love 

"A multi-sensory, multi-dimensional activation for those who yearn to deepen in devotion of stewardship of the Earth through the lense of the bees. 

Amazing teachers, and a heavenly environment to deepen into the body of self and the unified field."

January 2023 Retreat 

Priscilla, HI 

"This is a powerful retreat that will satisfy your longing to sit among sisters and work with bees in a deep healing and life enhancing way.  

Itʻs a step into next level Earth stewardship and the rising of the divine feminine in each one of us.  

It was a perfect blend of earthy roots simplicity and luxury accommodations with decadent ceremonies.  I definitely feel less intimidated by the immensity and responsibility of caring for and working with the bees."

January 2023 Retreat 

Shannon, NY

"I had an interest in learning about bees and also looking for a chance to get away and relax physically and emotionally. 

This was a very well run retreat with plenty of spiritually focussed practices, as well as some instructions on beekeeping.  This is not a course on the technicalities on beekeeping, but rather a retreat to connect with your female self, other sisters, the beautiful mother Earth and how it is all connected by understanding the way of the bee."

January 2023 Retreat 

Michele , TX

"If you are not from the Hawaiian island and always wanted to go AND you love or keep bees, this is an AMAZING experience. The women leading the retreat were so knowledgeable and combine their teachings with such love and kindness.  I did not know anyone going into the retreat and now have more sisters from far and wide.  Iʻve been a beekeeper for 5 years and was trained "traditionally".  A lot of the practices I was taught felt quite exploitative of our precious bees. 

This retreat taught the more spiritual aspect of being a bee guardian.  Now I consider myself a gentle partner of the bees.  I feel more able to meet the bees where they have been desiring."

January 2023 Retreat 


Olla, Hawaii 

"This was my first retreat.  

It has been more effective than I ever expected. 

The timing is like divine intervention for me. 

I now feel like I can see my true path opening. 

All the aspects we worked with: movenment, massage, song/chant, good food, medicine, and honey has brought me into a new profound state of balance and clarity of sight.  

I am deeply grateful and humbled to be here."

January 2023 Retreat 


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Wise Women Spiritual Beekeepers 

P.O. Box 44

Laupahoehoe, HI 96764

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