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There is an ancient saying, “bees find their keepers”- are you being called?


Join us October 7-12, 2024  for the Wise Woman Spiritual Beekeeping Retreat, Initiation Course on Hawaii Island.  This 5 night, 6 day retreat will train womb-havers to become sisters of the hive, bee guardians and learn the sacred intuitive art of keeping bees using the most gentle practices. This retreat will integrate the understandings and practices of ancient Melissae tradition combined with intuitive beekeeping practices.  All levels of beekeeping are welcome.

The Initiation course is the first training in the Melissea series and is prerequisite/required before joining the second training. 


The January 2025 Retreat/Training : 

We will be hosting the second series Melissae Course.  You must complete the Initiation course before attending this training.

What we will do: 

There is no other retreat like this.  The Wise Woman Spiritual Beekeeping Retreat offers an integrated approach to train womb-havers, sisters to care for bees using intuitive beekeeping practices while cultivating our own intuitive nature to guide our own lives. 


In-field training sessions: Apiary work 

We will train sisters to work with bees to become beekeepers/guardians.  We will spend time opening hives, understanding the colony and their needs.  We will work bee hives daily, weather dependent. All levels of beekeeping are welcome. This retreat and training is for beginners and experienced beekeeping sisters.



Temple work and devotion: 

We will spend time in the temple to develop a deeper intuitive nature through the practices of the Melissae and Wise Woman traditions and ceremonial work.  There is an intricate weaving of ritual combined with tending and caring for bees that will enhance our connection and skill as beekeepers/guardians.  The ceremonial, ritual and devotional work will naturally activate our own healing, bringing forth more magic in our lives. 



Note: Wise women were known as healers, herbalists, foreseers, midwives and beekeepers in past European civilizations. The term Witch was later derived and used during witch trials and persecution. 




 Components of the retreat will work with live bee hives to cultivate the skill of beekeeping while also cultivating devotional practices related to honor the sacred bees, the Great Mother and Divine Feminine.  

We will focus on themes of arrive, ground and ascend in this retreat. This retreat will be healing and activating in essence.


Activating:  The training will be intensive as we work with live bee hives while using devotional  rituals and ceremonies.  Sisters will gain skills to work with bee colonies, using gentle intuitive practices that ultimately support the revered honey bee and cultivate harmony, cohesion and oneness between beekeeper and colony. Instructors are skilled to teach this uncommon practice of intuitive and gentle beekeeping. 


Healing:  Bodywork, yoga, womb keeper wisdom and sisterhood connection will allow you to dive into relaxation and healing as we develop our intuitive self.  The retreat Center offers deep relaxation, beauty and safety as we explore the healing properties of keeping bees while activating Wise Woman Magic and Manifestation.


See sample schedule- link here




Our retreats will take place in North Hilo. 


The Center at Kahanu Falls is located 30 minutes north of Hilo International Airport.  The property holds both healing and activating powers, with large waterfalls, streams and breathtaking ocean views. 


The Center At Kahuna Falls is a magical property on the lush Hamakua Coast of Hawai’i Island. Set upon 40 acres of tropical rainforest, with luxury accommodations, you will be immersed in the exceptional beauty of this tropical paradise!  


Situated on a former Macadamia Nut Farm, this gorgeous location features beautiful gardens to explore, expansive ocean views, a meditation cave, a private Yoga Temple that doubles as a very comfortable meeting space, a gathering lodge and dining area & beautiful guest rooms that ensure the most comfortable nights sleep you’ll ever have!  


Revel in the amazing night skies while relaxing around a bonfire in the courtyard. Come & play in the waterfall, experience the truly unspoiled beauty of the Big Island & make your dreams come true! We are a 100% off-grid facility utilizing hydro-electric power for the greenest energy on the planet which provides us with all the energy we need to wrap you in luxury & help you achieve your goals of growth & personal improvement. 

The accommodations include: 

Single and double occupancy rooms with bathrooms (pricing difference for single occupancy) 

A large lodge that opens to a covered deck 

A temple where in-class sessions and ceremonial/ritual work will take place 

A landscaped courtyard with bonfire area

A 40 acre property to walk, meditate and enjoy 

Bee hives are located on a nearby property, walking distance to the retreat center. We will walk to bee hives during the retreat 

All prices below include the following:


*30+ hours of Intuitive Beekeeping Training working with live bee hives, ceremonial and devotional ritual practices related to shamanic beekeeping and sacred wise woman practices

*Accommodation- 6 day, 5 nights 
*3 wholesome, local and organic meals x Day (breakfast, lunch and dinner/dessert) plus coffee and tea throughout the day

*Morning Yoga
*Sound bath
*Additional Workshops with Instructors and facilitators:

 Womb healing and knowing

Hawaiian cultural workshops 

Candle and mead making

Sound Healing 

Body movement workshops and more 

One 50 min. Massage onsite 

Not included:


Extra Activities





Total cost will include accommodation (5 nights, 6 days), all meals during retreat, Intuitive Beekeeping Training and Melissae Training, yoga, and ceremonial and devotional events

$2600- shared room (double occupancy), limited space

$3,200 Single occupancy room- Master Suite bathroom and bedroom (Kahanu Falls, 2024)


To reserve your spot, you must pay 50% of the total cost now and the balance will be due on or 40 days before retreat start date. 



  • Full tuition is refunded due to low enrollment

  • Full tuition is due 40 days before retreat start date

  • Tuition can be refunded if cancelation occurs 40 days before retreat start date




Join us in the act of bringing the magic of manifestation using the power of infinity, timelessness and earth energy during this week-long retreat that will be memorable and deeply healing.

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