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Jen Rasmussen

Jen Rasmussen

Jen Rasmussen started beekeeping in 2008, after getting stung on the crown on her head while working on the farm she lived on.  The experience caused an intrigue and curiosity that could not be quieted.  After reading some books on beekeeping, two weeks later, Jen went into the hives.  That intrigue and curiosity never diminished and now Jen offers educational classes & workshops to share her love and appreciation of honey bees with others.  Jen also offers hive care for many bee guardians on the Big Island.  Her passion is working with wild hives and caring for bees without treatments, chemicals, and manipulations.  


With a philosophy based on connection, unity, and consciousness; Jen has developed a strong apiary by establishing a relationship with bees based on intuition and observation.  Her morals and beliefs have been the foundation of her growth and success.  Jenʻs practices are based on hygienic management & biological needs, mixed with an understanding of energy & manifestation, to create a fun & peaceful experience with bees.  


    Join us for intuitive spiritual beekeeping retreat January 29-Feb 3 2023, Wise Women BeeKeepers Retreat at The Center At Kahanu Falls for an amazing learning experience.


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