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Jenny Bach

Ancient beekeeping with ceremony and devine feminine
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My Story

 There is an ancient saying, “bees find their keepers” and Jenny lives her passion in bringing more women and children to learn the sacred path of caring for bees using intuitive practices that cultivate harmony and cohesion between beekeeper and colony.   


   Jenny, beekeeper of over 16 years and teacher for nearly two decades, has devoted her life to the sacred practices of keeping bees. Jenny has studied shamanic and ancient beekeeping in Europe and Africa and has cultivated her beekeeping training around using intuition, magic and ceremony.  


    Jenny will weave together the ancient wise woman practices, later known as witch, with present day beekeeping. She will initiate a training program during this retreat for participants/womb-havers  to develop deep knowing of intuition while working directly with live bee hives and using ceremonial practices related to the Melissae.


  Born and raised in Hawaii, she offers a unique experience and perspective through-out her training programs and courses. Owner of Bee Love Apiaries and Founder of the Honeybee Education Program, she has built a robust and vibrant Non Profit program that supports the well being of local honeybees and pollinators through advocacy and education. 


The Honeybee Education Program educates over 2000 youth and adults annually by offering hands-on workshops, builds community gardens, creates apiaries (bee yards) in local schools and trains farmers, youth students and community members to become beekeepers and create healthy pollinator habitat.



Join Jenny and her sweet bees in the act of bringing the magic of manifestation using the power of infinity, timelessness and earth energy during this week-long retreat that will be memorable and deeply healing. 

 Jenny Bach is a teacher and founder of our Wise Women BeeKeeping Retreat workshop at The Center At Kahanu Falls.  This retreat will be two sessions one in June 27, 2022 and the second one in January,2023.  Join us for intuitive and spiritual beekeeping, wise women bonding!


Please join us At The Center At Kahanu Falls!

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